Michelle Nguyen Bradley


Host. Producer. Professional Geek.


Michelle Nguyen Bradley, also known as “IamChubbyBunny,” works across the full gamut of niche interest entertainment, having a hand on camera and off in the creation of digital entertainment shows, podcasts, tabletop game streaming, trade shows, fashion shows, and viral social media content. 

Michelle grew up and was educated on the East Coast, graduating from Penn State University in 2005, then moving to Japan to work for the next few years. Now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Michelle uses her deep knowledge of niche culture from both American and Japanese lifestyle brands and media to create shows, events, and more for the fandom at large.

Michelle currently stars as "Betty" in the official Rat Queens tabletop RPG show based on the popular comic of the same name by Image Comics. She has also appeared regularly as a nerd expert on shows on Geek and Sundry, AfterBuzz TV and ScreenJunkies. When not on camera, you can find her on the Senpai Buddies podcast, a comedy talk show about all things Asian pop culture. A former writer at Geek.com, DefectiveGeeks.com, and GeekandSundry.com, Michelle also moonlights as an event producer at geek conventions across North America, with clients such as Sanrio, Rilakkuma, and 6%DOKIDOKI. As a former writer at Geek.com, DefectiveGeeks.com, and GeekandSundry.com, Michelle still hones her skills in writing with articles that focus on the geek sphere while also promoting inclusion, education and goodwill among the nerd community.

You can find her on all social media as @iamchubbybunny.


Fostering community in any niche culture can be done with story telling, photos, events or even a single tweet.